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Complete novice getting started

Hello folks! As the title suggests, I am totally new to the world of veg growing.  Over the winter I will be reading a lot while preparing a small section of the garden to grow some food.  I am not looking at self sufficiency, I am doing it just for fun and, to be honest, a bit of self therapy to clear the mind of mundane things. 

What I am wondering is if I get a cold frame or similar would I be able to get any salad over the winter months?  It would be a great morale  booster if I could get even a bit of lettuce and radishes.  Is this possible and any suggestions as to what may be best?



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,122

    Hi Paddy. I don't grow lots of different veg and I don't normally bother with lettuce etc during the winter but I've just sown some lettuce and rocket (about ten days ago) in my little growhouse where I had my tomatoes. A cold frame should be ideal for getting lots of different crops going too. Mine have all germinated so I'm looking forward to having a small crop. Don't know how well they'll survive but fingers crossed.

    There are loads of very knowledgeable people here who'll give you great advice on what to do and how well it will work. image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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    Hi PaddyGT, you can grow winter leaves in a cold frame such as lambs lettuce, mustard, certain types of cress I think.  There's also a lettuce called Winter Gem, might be worth looking at on Google.  There's probably loads that you can sow now for early crops next year as well.

  • PaddygtPaddygt Posts: 17

    Thanks for the replies image

    That inspires me to give it a try no matter what happens it will be fun giving something a go right at the start.  Thanks for the info.

  • Just give it a go.  Gardening is very much learn as you go.  What works for some doesn't necessarily work for others as we all live in different parts of the country etc.

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  • PaddygtPaddygt Posts: 17

    Thanks again for the replies. I hope to get to B&Q over the weekend for a cold frame and some bits and bobs.  For the price of a few packets of seed, it has to be worth a try.  Finished off the last of the cherry tomatoes today from an Aldi pre planted hanging basket.  I don't want to lose the pleasure of eating food, however small, from the garden, it is such a great feeling image

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    Hi, Paddy,

    welome to the threads. I started off with just one veg bed in the back garden, you won't look back. Nothing better to clear the mind and it's ever so satisfying eating what you've grown.

    If you don't find what you want at B & Q there are some good sites on line where you can pick up a reasonable priced cold frame.

    I tend not to grow veg over winter but spend the time feeding the birds, buying seeds and planning where I'm going to plant what next season.

    Happy gardening...

  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951
    Veg and other seeds have been for sale in also at 19p a packet, worth a look. But check sowing dates and expiry dates first.
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    Great to see such enthusiasm. Have a go. Keep it simple for the first year with not too many different things. Expand as your experience allows. You will make mistakes, we all do, just remember them and don't make the same ones again. After all there are lots of other mistakes to make no point getting bogged down with the same few. Best of luck.

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