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Talkback: Nature in the garden

We have lots of goldfinches and today we were invaded by starlings after putting out a fat block. But where have the blackbirds gone to? We have none and usually have 2/3


  • it's been the same here in Devon ,but my MR & Mrs Blackbird are just coming back in the garden.

  • zarazara Posts: 1
    We have 2 wild rabbits that have been regularly visiting our garden during the last 9 months and they do a great job of edging the lawn.They have not done any damage to any of our plants.
  • RonRon Posts: 32

    We find that chopped up apples keep Blackbirds from straying too far.

  • yesterday evening I was walking the dog across our cricket and football fields and there were blackbirds everywhere.  I don't think I've ever seen as many together.  The foraging must be better out there than in the garden!

  • can't believe your wild rabbits are so well behaved zara! Since we moved here to Lincolnshire five years ago we have been plagued with rabbits. They were lovely to look at in the beginning but the novelty has definitely worn off now. Of course they were here before us but it's so upsetting to have new plants dug up and eaten or destroyed.I now surround all new plants with wire until they are well established.I also find that rabbits don't like euphorbias so I've planted quite a lot of these. It's become trial and error.
  • I love to see birds, bees and butterflies in the garden, but I don't like the damage done by foxes, squirrels, and badgers.    Unfortunately they can be so destructive!

  • RonRon Posts: 32

    Patrevlil, I sympathise totally but am old enough to remember myxomatosis. I think Nature knows best. Short-term netting works and there are plants that they don't like to eat, foxgloves look good in any garden. Good luck.

  • Long-tailed tits. Animated lolipops.
  • pansy2pansy2 Posts: 28

    dozens of blackbirds in my garden but I have only seen one goldfinch so far but the weather here is still very mild.  They will (probably) be back when it gets really cold. I grow teasels and evening primrose for the birds, they really like the seeds.  What other seeds attract them?  I should say that the fields here have been growing sunflowers, maize and wheat so there is still loads of stuff out there for them.

  • Thanks for your sympathy Ron. I too remember myxomatosis and it was awful. I certainly wouldn't wish anything so horrible on the rabbits. I used to have squirrels in my previous garden and I thought they were destructive enough but they weren't a patch on my neighbourhood rabbits! I'd love to grow some vegetables but I know what I'd be letting myself in for. In spite of the havoc they cause it's so cute when you see the babies and I really don't mind when I see them eating the grass if only they'd stick to this!
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