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children and gardening

Last time my young nephews came over, they made a request to visit our veg plot. I couldn't believe it as I thought they would find it boring. But they remembered enjoying their last visit. Most of the time they like buying toys, watching TV and playing video games.

Are there any gardening tasks that the children you know have particularly enjoyed?


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  • When my children were young, they always had a small area on my allotment, where they could grow their own things. Usually things that grew quickly, like radish and lettuce so that they could see results within a few weeks and keep them interested.

    They also loved to help harvesting, especially strawberries!

  • Hello Hedgehog,

    It's heartening to hear that you kept your children interested with gardening activities.

    On the website we have a project involving growing peanut plants at:

    This is aimed at giving children a quick plant to grow - with speedy and exciting consequences. I have also found sunflowers a good bet. In fact I still get excited by them myself.

    Emma. team.

  • Hi Emma,

    I quite fancy growing peanuts myself having checked out the link above!! Does that make me a big kid!?? imageimage


  • Hello Cheekymonkey,

    I like your hat. If you are into fun projects, can I also recommend these:

    Taking cuttings from house plants - nice and quick, results within weeks.

    Growing chillies from seed - ten minutes to sow and you can start in January.

    Making a cough remedy - of course you do need to be ill or know somebody who is ill for this one to be worthwhile, but it could make a cold more bearable.

    Enjoy yourself cheekymonkey,

    Emma. team

  • MagMag Posts: 1

    My Grandchildren absolutely love "gardening" with my husband & myself.

    We're currently clearing the very bottom of our garden, (Just suspended work because of the snow !!) & they love mucking in with us.


     This is my Grandson,(Grandchild #4)

  • Hello Mag,

    What lovely pictures! Your grandson is very cute. I hope he stays interested until he can push a bigger wheelbarrow! Does anybody else have a grandchild who is helping them? Do let us know your tips on persuading children to go outside.

    Emma. team

  • my nephews and nieces always enjoy visiting the allotment - i think the nephews enjoyment comes more from disposing of snails and things, whereas my nieces like helping me pick the beans and strawberries. Either way I'm just happy to have willing helpers!


  • My sister took her 9 yrs old grand daughter down the garden to help pick peas. The child was amazed that peas were plants and had to be picked before cooking. She thought they just appeared in plastic bags. How sad is that.
  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 BristolPosts: 1,743
    Children RE - connecting with The Natural World is extremely important re mental health.

    There are dangers on allotments such as bamboo canes they can fall on but overall its a Wonderful Place to be.

    I had Panic Attacks at the age of 65 and my allotment and the open air saved me.

    Everyone is just trying to be Happy.....So lets help Them.
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,601
    We have 5 children, all grown up and with houses of their own now. They are all keen gardeners. We must have done something right with them.
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