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lawn edging shears

I'm fond of lawn edging shears. There is a very satisfying sound as they snip through lush grass. The worst part of the job is picking up your clippings afterwards. Some people favour electrical devices, but they still leave you with the same problem - collecting up the cut grass.

Is there a gardening job you love to do?


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  • One of my favorite jobs in my garden and my allotment is pruning. I find it very satisfying. I love to stand back at the end and see the difference I have made,

  • Hello Hedgehog,

    It is good to hear from somebody who enjoys pruning. A lot of people are afraid of it in case they cut the wrong bit. But you can make such a difference to flowering and fruiting if you get it right. My favourite tip is to stand back and look at the shrub or tree before you begin. Sometimes you can see a whole branch that is not thriving and needs to be removed. If you cut that out at the base you can make a big difference in a short time. Does anybody have any favourite pruning tips they'd like to share?

    Emma. team.

  • grasscutting and pruning   weeding is ok  when its dry and you look back and see it all cleared 

  • Re edging lawns. I was told a couple of years ago that one could buy an attachment for edging shears that collected the trimmings as you cut. Our local garden centre was out of stock at the time and since then I haven't bothered to check (lazy or forgetful or what!)

    Has anyone else come across such an attachment? 

  • TUTUTUTU Posts: 1

    Hello there,

    Yes, it is called edgesaver and it is quite a tool for collecting all the clippings of grass. No more is the link in case somebody is keen to buy it. Enjoy gardening. Bye.

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