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Ladybirds are still on the wing in my London garden. I've not taken down the runner beans, as they are covered in blackfly - food for the ladybirds and garden birds. Do you have ladybirds on the wing in your garden? Or have they moved into your house for winter hibernation?


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    After a busy morning on Thursday outside in the Botanic Garden, Kate, I spent the afternoon cleaning seeds in the hall which is called the potting shed there!  Lady birds were crawling out of the dried stems as I worked but they all happily crawled away to find themselves a niche indoors for the winter.  I have them in my own potting shed (the back of the garage) and, as it is also home to overwintering butterflies and bees, I leave the door open in the spring in case they don't know about the cracks in the window frames.  I was up the garden today working but did not see any outside.  I think they may have taken advantage of my piles of dried stems but I will not disturb them by looking.

  • loads around the garden yesteday when i was tidying up 

  • My beans were relegated to the compost heap a long time ago ... but then I do garden a little way further North than the temperate Metropolis. 

    I've not seen as many ladybirds this year, although several lacewings ventured into my home during November. I'm never sure whether they've just been attracted by the light, or are looking for somewhere sheltered to hibernate. And how did they get indoors any way?

  • Our house was invaded by harlequin ladybirds looking for somewhere to hibernate for the winter.    Thankfully, I saw them all over the kitchen window and managed to shut all windows, and only four made it indoors.   They were quickly scooped up.   Our native ladybirds hibernate outdoors, but the harlequins can be a real nuisance when they get indoors.  

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