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Seed catalogues are piling up in the office and at home, and I'm itching to get shopping. Will you be growing any new types of fruit or veg this year, or sticking with tried and tested varieties?

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  • I'm a sucker for looking through seed catalogues and trying out new varieties (for me). This year I am trying purple carrots and golden beetroot.

  • I'm trying new things this year after my first tenative year at the allotment.  Trying celery, celeriac,  good king henry to start with

  • Ooh fab. Celery is quite tricky in my experience, but it's good to have a challenge!

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Definitely want to try Lettuce "Bijou" and Lime basil in my potager when it gets built.

  • Want to give Celeriac a go also will be growing my onions from seed for the first time,  extea work but a big saving if it works as I'm looking to grow 300 plus as we use so many. Always try new varieties of seed potatoes but hang on to one or two that I have done well with before (Pentland Javelin has been  consistant over the last three years).

  • We really are spoilt for choice, with the vast array of plants and seeds which are available, i am busy trying to select some really hot chillis to grow, it irks me somewhat when i give my friends hot chillis to try and they proceed to munch them like carrots so finding some really hot ones is a top priority. I have selected a chilli called Prairie Fire which only grows 6inches/15cm tall .

    The cucumber i grow is Telegraph Improved which is good value for money as some cucumber seed is quite expensive, i Will also try Twenty F1

    I  am trying two cabbage varieties i have not tried before Dutchman F1 and Excel F1    and i am trying a pelleted lettuce seed called Challenge No doubt i could get all my seeds from one supplier but what i do is split my order between 4 or 5 different  seed company's 

  • I have collected seeds from last year's chilli plant. Will they provide me with new chillis this year? Common sense tells me they should but my friend says they may grow but not produce fruit.

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