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sweet peas

Some people say you should sow sweet peas in autumn. I've always found that gives you the added problem of keeping the plants alive for longer, without much benefit. I've tried soaking the seeds overnight and sowing them straight from the packet. There wasn't any difference in germination.

Have you tried different methods of growing things and have you seen different results?


  • I agree. I prefer to grow my sweet peas and garden peas in pots or trays in the spring and then plant them out late spring. I find these do just as well as autumn sowings and you don,t have to protect them from mice!

  • Hello Hedgehog,

    If you have trouble with mice, you can protect your crops with wire mesh. Putting autumn-sown seeds in a metal cage works well, as long as it doesn't have a hole in it, as they can get through a very small space. Also bulbs can be protected if you surround them with chicken wire. The biggest pest in my area though is red squirrels.


    The Gardeners' World web team.

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