small still water pond

I have tried numerous times to have a small water feature since filling in the pond that I could`nt manage anymore... no matter what I land up inundated with midges so get rid of it before i get eaten to death... anyone got idea to help with this..image


  • As far as I'm aware only a water feature naturally inhabited with a wide spectrum of wildlife will balance out naturally (ie fish and other creatures will reduce the midge larvae).  Although any water feature is better than none - I had the same problem with a bucket in the ground.... 

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    thanks danny.. i see loads looked at my thread but no one seems to have an answer..oh well... I give up..image

  • Hi Jean,  

    I believe that midges etc. like to lay their eggs in relatively still water so you could get something to move the water around?  A solar powered fountain perhaps?

    I used to have a small water feature that I managed to keep a couple of fish in.  It was well stocked with plants - yellow flag irises, dwarf mace, cottongrass, water mint, hairgrass, hornwort, duckweed and blanket weed.

    The frogs loved it and I had a couple of small goldfish in there for a couple of years without feeding them.  Never had a problem with midges.  There were larvae in there (I could see them "springing" around) but they were eaten before they developed.

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    When the water's shallow it heats up easily jean so maybe something deeper? If it's a moveable feature and you can't make it any deeper then it's a case of emptying it regularly. I had a little temporary birdbath for wildlife over the summer and had the same problem - it was just because of the shallow water heating up, and the mossies loved laying their eggs in it. I just cleaned it out regularly.

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    thanks for advice...farmergedden..the solar powered fountain is a good husband will moan as i have had him dig numerous ponds.. last one just got too much what with algea & heron taking all the fish.. we decided to fill it in but i do love possibly a suncken plastic bin in the shade with solar etc... oh, another thing, I seem to fail dissmally with oxygenating plants..whats best..

    in pond I had loads of frogs but they gradually deminished for some reason.. i doo miss them..image  so this is next yrs project..yippeee...

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    I have the same problem with mossies breeding in small pond and have read somewhere that there is a little block of some sort which you can buy at aquatic centres which will float ? on pond and will deter Mosquitos without harming fish frogs etc. Not sure how it works....i guess chemicals so may not be acceptable to purists ....have not tried it yet but will probably give it a go since Mosquitos are inhabiting all of my waterbuts as well as my wildlife pond....none of which can have resident fish to eat larvae.

    good luck

  • I don't have a problem but my pond is in semi shade and I have a pygmy waterlily which covers the surface in summer. These lilies will grow in bucket (largeish) ponds.
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    Perhaps someone would tell me otherwise but what about planting plants that are meant to put mozzies off from coming near? The likes of citronella or lemon grass? Would that work at all or do they only become effective if you crush the leaves?

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