Newhouse and new to gardening, plant type and general advice please!

Hi All

I am new to garndening but am currently loving getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty as I have only just bought my first house and I would like some help with a couple of plant questions please.  We have basically levelled the garden but kept the greenhouse and are looking for nice plants bushes and trees to liven the garden up, to give you an idea of what I like I am growing a red and an orange acer tree and a chocolate plant, but they are too small at the moment.  

We have left one tree planted in the garden and this is it but I don't know what it is: 


 I would really love to know what it is please, and want to keep it but the main large part of the tree is completely dead and really needs digging up, so I want to cut these new lovely bits off and grow from them, can I have some advice how to do this please??

Also I took a picture of a plant/bush that I love which is on my daily dog walk, after doing some internet research I believe it is a smoke Tree / Royal Purple, is this correct please?  If so I will nip out and buy one.



If anyone would like to recommend some gorgeous trees to plant that will brighten up my garden but not need too much looking after and pruning that would be great, I would prefer all year round colour but that is not essential.

Many Thanks in advance


  • Can't help with identification, but you have a lovely wall there that you can pop some trellising on and train things up, to hide the brickwork.  You could try rambling roses, have a look at colours you like, they'll take a while to grow though.  You could also train 'cordon' fruit trees on the wall, and get some fresh fruit, it would be a couple of years before you'd get anything (you're meant to remove the blossom in the first year after planting to allow roots to become established before fruiting).

    You could try planting bamboo in a pot (most varieties are invasive, so containing the roots in a pot is a very good idea), you can get black bamboo which is very striking.  A cornus will give interest throughout the year, as around this time of year the leaves drop and you can see the beautiful red stems.

    I would spend winter having a look at gardens on the internet, to get some idea of what you like.  Around now you can plant fruit trees, but personally I'd wait until the springtime (you can only really plant trees in spring or autumn, when they're dormant), winter is too cold for most things to survive the trauma of being moved.

    By the time spring comes, you will have a wish list as long as your arm!  A good tip would be to buy a soil PH testing kit, to find how acid/alkali your soil is, as some things won't survive (or thrive) in soil it doesn't like.  You may also be surprised at getting some annual flowers that have self-seeded, and there may be bulbs in there.  Now is the right time to plant daffodils and tulips for a spring show.  The daffs should be planted as soon as possible, and tulips can be planted right up to the end of november (as long as the ground isn't frozen solid!)  You can buy spring bulbs fairly inexpensively, I'd have a look around a garden centre and see what you like.  Or have a look on the interweb and get some ideas of spring bulbs you can plant, then go armed with a list of bulbs you like, and see what the garden centre has.  Some mail-order companies are better than others, so I'd recommend the garden centre to start with.

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    I think your first picture is a Eucalyptus.  The second does look like a smoke bush, Cotinus coggygria.

  • Mummy Muddy paws, what a fabulous answer and some great ideas!  We have actually just stripped the whole brick wall of ivy that was everywhere and was beginning to dmage the bricks, I think we are going to plant 4 or 5 nice colourful bush/trees in a row along the brick wall instead to hide it. 

    Other replies, Wow brilliant thanks for confirming the names for the plants chaps, I have wanted to know for weeks and now I am one happy amateur gardener, infact I have just got my scruffs on and am off out now to crack on!

  • Christopher2 wrote (see)
    Too impatient Davy, I didn't read your post properly. Is your,eucalyptus large? Other foliage trees/bushes that can be treated same way, viz., cutting hard back, are sambucus Sutherland gold, lovely,yellow foliage, Acer flamingo which is pink, white, cream, etc. and berberis which are purple, but prickly. You can create lovely tapestry with foliage if you also add Heucheras and some blue and yellow grasses. Don't forget the odd evergreen too though.....maybe camellia, choisya, etc.

    Excellent, will check out those evergreens as I cannot bare a garden full of empty branches, it just looks depressing.  I love acers but not fussed on pink as a colour but I have been looking at Golden Full Moon acer, i love the full leaves but again these look so bare in winter.  Not overly fussed on the berberis but open to check out any other suggestions anyone can offer?

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    Senkaki is a lovely acer which has the benefit of scarlet stems through the winter.
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