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have your say on the daily topics like environmental issues,or any other issue you would like to discuss with otheres



  • DiddydoitDiddydoit Posts: 801

    D o you think that the tories will win the next general election?

  • XX Posts: 707

    Yes.  Can see this thread causing some agro Diddy!  Is a discussion about politics wise do you think?

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 7,738

    I think it's probably too early to say, but at present I can't see Labour winning and hope it remains that way.  They've messed it up every time they've been in power previously.

  • image Will it make any difference to my garden,whoever gets in?

  • They're all as bad as each other, don't think I want to get into a heavy debate rather stick to general chit chat sorry everyoneimage

  • DiddydoitDiddydoit Posts: 801

    The thread is open to anything you wish to chat about,it doe's not have to be polatics,but we have to start somewhere dont we.So then what about climate change what do you think?.Or the rising cost of food produce?.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527

    Political arguments are probably better in the forums of the daily newspapers, not a gardening forum.

  • Climate change is an issue that constantly crops up, or seemingly becoming newsworthy every other day for some reason or other. I have a problem with Climate Change. Agreed, there are some very basic things that we can all do to avoid the systematic "man-made" destruction of our planet BUT, and this is what the scientists seem all to keen to forget or gloss over, this planet of ours has been in existence an awfully long time and in comparison man has been around about the length of a single strand of straw in the worlds largest hay bale and in all that time its been turning, cooling down, heating up, cooling down and heating up. Its done this since the birth of the planet and will continue to do so. So whilst I recognise that Climate Change and Global Warming are causes for concern, man is responsible for such a small percentage of it and none of us can control mother nature! Morning all! Heather x

  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    Can,t quite see where this thread is going.Plenty of other threads for genral chit chat ,rants etc.

  • DiddydoitDiddydoit Posts: 801

    I could not agree more heather,but I do still think that we all can take steps and make a change.I personaly think that the " giant food stores " could make the biggest change by demanding packageing to be kept to a minimum and to change over to bio-degradable carrier bag's.They should make a small charge for the carrier bags to encourage people to bring their own shopping bag,s with them.

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