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    Rossall Beach...up the coast North of Blackpool, big garden, well to me anyway (approx  43ft x 63ft), but concrete paths leading nowhere, well, round 2 large raised beds with a lawn in the middle, then another bigger lawn nearer the house. Really enjoying mulling over what to do. BUT...looking at design ideas...no comment on where to put the washing line (I'm a fan of AT and have his books...no comment on washing line...he is male tho'...), any ideas? don't want a rotary one...call me sad but I love to watch the washing blowing on a long line ha ha

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    Agree with you re watching washing blowing on the line! I only notiiced what an eyesore washing lines can be when mine fell down about 5 years ago. I don't like the rotary ones either, so I bought a retractable one, only takes a minute or two to pull it out and fix it, voila - 15 metres of clothesline, which disappears after use.
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    Carrickfergus,Northern Irelandimage

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    I have a rotary washing line, and love to see the washing blowing on it.  When it is dry I fold it down, put the cover on and tuck it into a corner till next time.  image

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    inverness, Highlands Scotland, Where the last frosts can be end of June and the first of the year in September. Im with you Debbie I love to see my washing blowing I have a rotary line, in an ideal world Id rather it wasnt in the garden


    A very wet Bristol !

  • A very wet and windy southeast Ireland !

  • does anyone know if Alan Titchmarsh has brought out a book covering his love your garden  tv series ?. looking forward to new series 26th june


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    Yes, available on amazon etc.

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    Hi all - guess where I live image

    I'm a new member but already I've seen posts that are so much help to me.  Hubby bought me a greenhouse for my 50th a few years ago and though I've managed a few things I've lost a lot - seeds and plugs mainly - and don't feel I'm using it to its full potential.  I'm going to try sotongeoff's reply above.

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