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  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 3,431
    All the spring bulbs coming up nicely, mostly in pots, done the washing really should get out there and do some tidying up, difficult to know where to start, still very well, was cold first thing, 1.9d frozen dew on the grass, lovelly now 12d.
  • Just popping in to say Hello.  'Mummy' to 3 hens and 4 cat s, hence the name.  The Ladies are ex battery girls and very cheeky, they have discovered the kitchen door!  The cats are all rescue ones too.  We have a large, steep back garden, facing the North.  At least I get 10 minutes warning to get the washing in before the weather arrives from Dartmoor😊
  • Hello 👋👋👋 complete newbie to gardening here, please be patient with me and all my silly questions! I know nothing at all 😊
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