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Are you mystified by terms such as pollarding, pleaching or stool pruning? Don’t be embarrassed to ask for explanations of strange garden jargon. Also, swap tips on double digging, seed sowing and a hundred other gardening tasks.

Daniel Haynes




  • Does anyone know where I can buy a decent small hand hoe for dealing with the weeds in my pots ?


  • Hello Pam,

    I had a look at the site run by Thrive, the gardenening charity. They recommend quite a few small tools, many of which are suitable for pots. Have a look at this link:

    I hope you get the better of your pot weeds!

    Emma. team

  • ok 

  • Having watched Carol Klein sowing seeds last week and being new to gardening, does anyone know the name of the wooden tool she uses to level out the compost in the trays.

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Firming board-usually home made.

  • Maria7Maria7 Posts: 5

    To anyone in the know!

    I would like a hand held sort of Matlock, something that is strong that I can break the ground up with? But cant find one and dont know what it would be called?

    I saw Monty using one when he was planting in his veg garden, and it looked like it would fit the bill perfectly.

    I go through a trowel every couple of months at the's getting a bit silly!

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated x x

  • I swear by the ones at Chillington Hoes - do a google search and you can find them. I do not understand why no gardening centres ever sell them

  • Maria7Maria7 Posts: 5

    Just had a look they are perfect! Thank you image

  • Im looking for a really strong lightweight border fork. My last one was about 70yrs old and inherited from my aunt. Sadly it suffered irreparable damage from an unseen lump of granite. I have since had a series of "good" border forks that end up with bent prongs! Any suggestions?

  • I just finished reading the article "How to Make a Wooden Planter". I am mystified by the term "Treated Gravel Board". Here in the U.S. I have never heard the term in our "lumber yards" though I am pretty sure we have an equivalent. Please explain. I'm stumped.



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