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  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    happymarion you truly are an inspiration i hope im gardening away at your age and thats not being patronising to you i really do admire you. So many would give up but no your having raised beds to make life easier. I was so lucky my husband made me two from old wood we had, only wee ones but they keep us in leeks, cabbage,sprouts,lettuce and brocoli I have a greenhouse for everything else which we need up here in the Highlands of Scotland

  • wirral27wirral27 Posts: 4

    I am at as loss trying to think of a design for our very small garden, the area of lawn is about 18 ft x 20 ft.

    Where can I get (much needed) inspiration from?

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    Ive just put on google images for small garden water features it was very inspirational Im sure if you googled small garden images you'd get ideas

  • junglemadjunglemad Posts: 3

    Wirral27 I'm gardening on the wirral as well, I've found the climate suits plants which are really quite tender. The attached was planted up last year and has been loving the wet summer so far



  • Wish my garden was like yours, a mess at the moment laid down a lovely stone patio  in the garden 5 weeks ago and since then yes you have guessed rain rain rain rain rain rain. The rest of the lawn is knee deep scared of getting the mower out weeds ankle deep in the soil and sad to say lost all of my Vegetables, cauliflower broccoli cucumber beetroot etc etc etc can go on, the only 3 veg i managed to save was the Tomatoes grown in the Greenhouse some if nearly 10Ib of potatoes and half a shopping bag of Lettuce. A neighbours garden was like a swimming pool nearly knee deep in water and they lost loads. I think i am going to stick with plants next year and hopefully get a lovely garden like yours, good luck in the future.

  • All you will need is plenty of organic matter dug into your borders and a bit of inspiration. Will Giles' web site may do the trick. See link below

  • My rambler rose Bobby James has been truly spectacular the last 5 years, but it is such a thug - has anyone given such a rose a severe pruning without killing it? Do I recall Monty Don pruning rambling roses on GW a couple of weeks ago? Help!

  • I am new here, thanks for the beautiful forum..image

  • Fantastic photos.... I like your forum. I have also s beautiful garden since 5 years. My garden was designed by professional landscapers Los Angeles. They design my garden is so wounderfully. Garden should make like this which make you smile and i have spend lots of time in my garden which make me healthy. I would like to suggest you try to contact them.

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Here we go again, another doing some self-advertising and has problems with his/her English!image


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