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  • huww5huww5 Posts: 1


    I'm having problems with my hemerocallis, last year I decided they needed dividing as they weren't producing many flowers, so separated them and i moved a few into a vacant border no more then 8ft away from the original clump. They have recently come up and they have been hit hard by some sort of pest, on a closer inspection they are tiny black flies that are eating the tender leaves. I have checked the original clump and another placed in the same border and neither seem to have been affected.

    If its relevant there is a large pond a few feet from the pond?

    I'd be gratefull for any help, 

    Thanks Huw.

  • can anyone help what is mulch? im very new to all this and mulch comes up alot!! thanks

  • TeresaWTeresaW Posts: 2

    How can i stop rabbits eating and digging up my plants.

  • Jen10Jen10 Posts: 7

    Hi! Can anyone help to identify this green/yellow dusty mouldy stuff that has attacked my rowan tree?  I think the tree has left this mortal coil but I am curious as to what killed it offimage I have tried to submit a photo but I can't get it to transfer either by 'paste', orig format or zipped fileimage

    Also, my silver birch has died as well but there is no obvious signs of mould or anything else.  Both trees are in my front garden.

    Thank you.

  • Daniel HaynesDaniel Haynes Posts: 393 admin

    Hello Jen10, when you tried to upload your image, did you do so by clicking the small tree icon, at the top of the message input box? If you click select, then navigate to the jpeg file on your computer, select it, then click 'upload', then the photograph should appear. Do let me know if you have any further problems.


  • I have a healthy looking Angel's Fishing Rod, but it just produces leaves and will not flower. I'm wondering if it's in too hot a place. Any ideas please?

  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    I`m having probs uploading photo too... size is 9279 byte... 96 x 128 pixel but still says its too big to load...!!!! ;-(

  • Jen10Jen10 Posts: 7

    Thank you Daniel and yes I did click the tree and I went into my computer, I selected my picture but the message said it was too large.  I copied and pasted it into a word doc and decreased its size, that didn't work.  I zipped the file to make it smaller but that didn't work either.  They were either too large or not of the right format.  I'm not sure what else I can do with the photo/file?

    ps. To the other lady on the forum, just for fun - I am a Jennifer Anne (with an e) tooimage

  • Daniel HaynesDaniel Haynes Posts: 393 admin

    Hello Jen10 Sorry for the continued problem. It isn't possible to upload Word documents or Zip files to the forum - the images do need to be in jpeg format. What is the file size of your original image?

    Reply to jean: there certainly shouldn't be any problem with the those pixel dimensions, or that file size. Is your image definitly saved in jpeg format, with a '.jpg' file extension? Do let me know, and we'll sort it out for you! Thanks for bearing with us.



  • Jen10Jen10 Posts: 7

    C:\Users\JenLin\Desktop\Flowers & Seedlings\IMG_1093.JPG is larger than 1024000bytes. Please upload a smaller file

    This is what the message says - cheers!  Of course, if I ever get to download it, it is certain to be an anti-climax - ha!


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