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  • Hello Pansy,

    Have a look at our advice on dealing with brown rot, at - it lists a few more actions you can take. Hygiene is key. Please do let us know how you get on. Quinces can be lovely trees and you can do amazing things with the fruit.

    Emma. team

  • Hi there, I don't have a greenhouse, so this year for the first time I grew chillies and basil in front of my french windows. I had 10 chillie plants which were very successful and 2 really good pots of basil. However, after a couple of days away I came back to find one basil plant completely smothered in aphids. To cut the story short I lost both pots of basil and after several trips outside to treat the chillies I just gave up the hassle and harvested them. I read about how to treat plants with aphids, but it was so time consuming I don't know wether to bother again this year. I was wondering if anyone can tell me wether there are certain types of conditions, inside, that encourage the aphids to thrive. ie, humidity, heat, direct sunligh?  The basil appeared to be  the main culprit and I reckon the chillies would have been fine on their own. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

  • Regarding queries about white fly, I planted marigolds last year next to alot of my veges, and the white fly were far less, so perhaps this might help?

  • Fran2Fran2 Posts: 4


    I wonder if Dinah's advice about putting garlic powder tea on her wisteria, would work for mine.  I've had it for about seven years and it has never flowered.  It has lots of lovely leaves and I have been pruning it twice a year as the experts advise.

    Can't do any harm if I try it anyway!

  • We have just had a new patio constructed ( 4 months since completion) and already a significant area is turning plae green. Would appreciate advice on best way to tackle this before it covers the whole patio please

  • I have problems with voles they have eating tulips and keep one in their larder......before i start the new allotment iwould like to solve the problem....any idea

  • TeabagTeabag Posts: 7

    Hi, I've taken on a new allotment and it`s covered in weed. So what I've done is I've sprayed all with roundup! Have I done the wrong thing with roundup? co`s it does only kills the weed not the earth and can I put my rotivator over it then plant??

  • Sue GoughSue Gough Posts: 23
    Can anyone tell me why Snowdrop bulbs ' migrate' to the soil surface? Every year I find loads just laying on the earth. Thanks
  • nigelwnigelw Posts: 5

    Hi sue' The only reason i could think of for your snowdrop bulbs moving up to the soil surface would be moles. Have you had problems with moles?

  • Sue GoughSue Gough Posts: 23
    Won't say no as that would be tempting fate! Certainly not anywhere near my snowdrops.
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