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Couch grass

Many years ago I bought a solution that I could spray on  and around my shrubs that killed couch grass. I have now have the same problem but am unable to find the 'solution' anywhere.

I can pull some of the grass out but it always breaks under the roots of the shrubs.

Any ideas folks?


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,298

    Sadly they have stopped selling the product (used to be Weed-out I think). All you can do is very carefully spray the emerging stems with a translocatable weed killer. I add a little liquid soap to the solution as it makes it stick to the grass stems.

    I have been cleaning out one of our borders that last few weeks. So far I have filled 12 compost bags with couch roots. And I can gaurantee that I have missed almost as much as I have removed.

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