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Small onions

I sowed onion seed  this spring (can't remember the variety) in modules, so planted out clusters of 2-3 onions.  When it came to harvesting they were all very small.  Can I keep these and replant as sets in the spring?  My brown onion sets were also unsuccessful.  What could have caused this?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527

    If you plant in clusters they will be smaller. Also onions like a rich soil. Did you fertilise the onion patch before planting out? I plant my seedlings 6 inch apart in a rich soil.

     If you replant the little bulbs next year, they will probably run straight up to seed.

  • Dinah2Dinah2 Posts: 2

    Thanks for that.  I did put compost on the bed, but obviously it didn't provide enough oomph.  I expected small onions from clusters, just not that small.

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