propagating a Cane Begonia

I have taken some stem cuttings of a cane Begonia that was sold to me as Begonia Amazone (although I can't find any reference to that variety on the web). It has nice smooth and spotted leaves and lovely pink flowers. I haven't been very successful with similar cuttings in the past, so I wondered whether anybody could put me right.

My stem portions are c10cm long by 1cm thick and I have always planted them upright, with about half of the stem showing. They root very easily in water but they have never grown all that strongly, and the top of the cut stem is a bit unsightly (I have always submerged about half of the cut stem). I wonder whether it would be possible to:

a. plant them so that all of the stem cutting was submerged and only the new shoots were showing?

b. as that would require quite a deep pot, can they be planted at an angle?

answers to these questions or any other advice would be extremely welcome!

(e.g., at what stage of the root formation should they be planted? Should the water be changed regularly as well as topped up?)

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