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Leyandi trees

Hi everyone,first time on here. Need some advise, we planted some leyandi earlier in the year they are 4ft high, and they are now turning brown on the bottom branches, is this natural or are they beginning to die,advise please.


  • Did you water them regularly? They will have needed extra water during the dry summer.

  • Doesn't look good to me, they do need a lot of water. Our neighbour has them and they take all the goodness from the earth and affects other plants. Sorryimage

  • Thanks for the replys, no it dosent lok good

  • A lot of us have come to realise that Leylandii is rarely a good choice for a hedge. Too big, too vigorous, too hungry, prone to browning, don't come back if pruned too hard. I could go on.They have lots of disadvantages. As yours are relatively young you could start again with something else? 

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