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Talkback: How wildlife friendly is your garden?



  • Your tree stumps will rot down nicely. We had an huge ash tree which was too neatr the house and had to be felled. there is no trace of it now, indeed a lovely hamamellis mollis is growing where it once stood. A large laburnum also had to be felled when it had rotted due to a fungus. There was a hollow dip in the stump so I filled it with compost and primroses and they flourished while the outside of the stump rotted away. The birds will love your apples as well as the squirrels and foxes if you have them.
  • Thank you for any advice directed at me, it is much appreciated, I have taken lots of notes so I can look into what plants I should be putting in the garden to keep the birds as happy as possible, not forgetting all of the other wildlife of course!
  • Sounds like a permaculture garden!
  • WynnWynn Posts: 1
    I have a section of the garden that has been left to naturalise in order to attract more wildlife. I have a variety of butterflies including tortoishell and redadmirals in the summer, a family of toads living in the logpile, a small pond which attracts frogs and dragonflies and an abundance of wild birds that regularly visit the garden for food.
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