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Talkback: Planting bulbs in lawns

I have only planted bulbs in pots to prevent our dog from digging them out of the grass ;)


  • It's not my dog digging in the lawn that bothers me, but the squirrels! They are burying nuts everywhere – in pots, borders, and in the lawn. They haven't started digging up bulbs though, just digging holes to bury things.
  • Adam, the lawns round the student residences of Bristol University have tens of thousands of many different species of snowdrops, crocuses, grape hyacinths,daffodils, and more exotic bulbs as well. They are a glorious sight in the spring. I have finished planting my daffs, crocuses and tulips but still have alliums and anemones to plant as well as scillas,pushkinias,etc in alpine troughs. my friend gave me some fritillaria uva-vulva which I shall put in pots this year. They remind me of when I was a Brown Owl in the GG movement - the flowers are brown and yellow. Just love bulbs. Anemone pavonina is a beauty in the grass at the Botanic Garden and a great favourite with the visitors.
  • Just remember that you can't use "Weed & Feed" type products on your lawn if you want naturalized bulbs. We made that mistake for 2 years before it dawned on us why the bulbs never did well...
  • Oh Snake Head Fritillaries are my absolute favourite but how impossible are they to grow!? I have planted bulbs every year and think my total so far is one flower which the dog then trampled on!!

    The annoying thing is that I live bordering wet moorland so should have the perfect site for them as our garden is fairly wet during the winter months, however despite these 'perfect' conditions they just don't seem to want to grow!...will I give up trying?...don't be daft I have 50 bulbs in the kitchen ready to plant out at the weekend!!
  • Yes, I Put bulbs in the grass. Ours couldn't be called lawns, actually, because it consists of spring and summer wildflower meadows. Much more interesting to see cowslips, mini daffs and grape hyacinths in the spring meadow than just plain grass.
  • And snowdrops,crocuses, trilliums and anemones as well.
  • Primroses, bluebells, violets and cyclamen as well. Hate lawn mowers as much as I hate fireworks.
  • I'm trying crocuses in the lawn for the first time this year. I have some in pots too and due to the mild weather they've already started sprouting above the soil. For the same reason, the grass is still growing in the lawn and really needs mowing again even though I thought I'd mowed it for the last time this year. Now I'm worried that if the crocuses are sprouting in the lawn and I do mow it I'll kill them before they've even had a chance. I never knew that planting bulbs in the lawn would create so many dilemmas! :)
  • Reply to Project Warren: Your spring crocus shouldn't have sprouted through the grass yet, so you can still mow the lawn without harming them.
    However, once they have emerged you'll have to avoid mowing or walking on this area.
  • I've tried bulbs in the lawn but the squirrels just love to dig them up.
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