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Hi, I tried to post a message on 'the places visited this year' thread' but couldn't and got a message saying  'review or comment' required' I only wanted to say....

Visited Kew and Savill Garden this weekend.After hearing such a lot about them and being two very different gardens they are the first I've visited in this country which are on my must visit list image .

Visiting both in the same weekend and visiting at this time of year probably didn't do Kew justice, the big GH/grow house was closed and the garden is on such a big scale.  I like growing veg and many of these beds and displays had gone over although I was impressed with the size of stuff at Kew after visting Savill Garden I was a tab bit disappointed with Kew.  Savill were replanting flower beds  but Kew had veg stuff which was well past it's best.  

Savill Garden didn't seem to realise it was autumn and it is so much more compact in respect to Kew. There was still loads in flower in the summer gardens, everything thing is labelled  and I was able to identify stuff which grows in my garden but see heaps of diferent varieties. Savill projects a garden for all seasons . 

There were no signs saying keep of the grass at either Kew or Savill Garden. I'd like to visit both again at a different time of year and would recommend a visit to either but my favourite was Savill Garden. Liked the hidden garden, I sat on a bench taking in the scene and all you could hear were nuts dropping from the oak tree's image     



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    Zoomer goes off to check her reviews - 1372 image I don't think so...

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    Zoomer, I think all of us have 'reviewed' loads on our profile page, we all have a little ghost going off doing the reviews without our knowledge! Off to check mine now will edit post accordingly.... I'm back and my ghost has reviewed 1372.
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    Your post is on the Gardens we have visited .... thread now Zoomer image

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