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Hi, I have quite a small garden and would really like to add a tree or two, I would prefer an evergreen tree, but it appears that arcitechtual conifers are too expensive. I have a 6ft garden wall and would like to plant a tree near one of the corners (140 degree angle),to give some height and depth!

I am concerned about the roots and the wall!

Can you recommend any?

Thank you


  • When do you put the stake in?? Presumably at the same time you put the tree in the hole?? How far away from the trunk is the stake supposed to be
  • bethan 2bethan 2 Posts: 1
    I have been given an olive tree in a plastic pot as a present and would like to plant it in a slightly larger ceramic pot. It has green leaves and white flowers on it at the moment. I would like some advice on what kind of soil to plant it in.
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    Trees have been received with the root ball in dry soil, covered with woven hessian burlap and bound with very tight wire mesh. Should the mesh and hessian be removed before planting?

    On another occasion, root balls were enclosed in a mesh of a textile. Two that died were dug up after 18 months. The net was still in place, suggesting that it is not made of a biodegradable material. Should it have been removed?
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  • I planted three fruit trees the year before last but in the winter snow rabbits ate the bark off all of them ,so this year I am protecting the one I've planted with a chicken wire cage .Be warned !!.
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    If the tree is small (less then 1 metre) and with a root ball then it does not need a stake. If it is bare root or taller than 1 metre then it will need one. You add the stake at time of planting.

    If you have heavy soil then the tree must NOT be at the same level as the soil level, it needs to be above it to stop the tree drowning over winter.
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