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Talkback: Growing pumpkins

Roast pumpkin is also very nice, James, Make a sort of roast salad with shallots, pumpkin cut into cubes, potatoes,and parsnips or whatever you have grown that can roast in a good vegetable oil.


  • And keep the masses of seeds you scoop out, toss with chilli powder and roast - for a seriously addictive snack.
  • When I were a kid up North we were 'ard; we carved swedes. Now tat IS hard!
  • Pumpkin risotto is very tasty too, highly recommended! I personally think carving pumpkins is a terrible waste of good food - but then my 'kids' are 25, 27 & 30!
    Happy Pumpkin Season Everyone!
  • my daughter bought a kit from a local garden
    centre a few years ago to carve out a comes with 3 or 4 tools plus and a selection of designs to use and how to do makes life a lot easier and looks very professional hope this helps
  • As an American now living in the UK, I've been happy to escape overblown Halloween but not pumpkins! To carve a pumpkin requires a sharp knife. Draw the face on first with a sharpie. Cut out the top, use a big serving spoon or ice cream scoop to get all of the seeds and gunk out. Then carve the face.
    Pumpkin pie is best served with whipping cream NOT double cream! There are wonderful recipes for pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin muffins. There's more to pumpkin than soup!!
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