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how many

over the past two years I have planted over 20 clematis plants

The first ones I planted are now over 20 feet long running along my garden wall,the following year I planted some below the first ones which have grown into the first ones so I get 4 different coloured flowers running along the same wall.

I have now put a trellis up in the middle of my back garden and I am going to see how many different climber plants and colours I can get off a trellis which is only 10 feet long. I have already planted two clematis and one Jasmine all of which are different colours,I can plant the trellis on both sides and are now thinking of a couple of honeysuckles and a climbing rose.

The trellis is only 10 feet long but the border on both sides is three feet long so I am going to use canes for the climbers which will be planted three foot from the trellis.

So will it work?

any other climbers what I can use?



  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Just be sure to give them lots of fresh air or you will get problems with mildew. But it sounds very pretty.

  • I have not as many but I to love them,my mother had over 70 varities at her home in stone allerton many years ago.

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