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Plant suggestions for carpark border



Hello Everyone,

Wonder if you could perhaps help....a friend asked me to suggest some plants for their new car park border...I have included a picture.

It's very long and narrow...half metre by 7 metres...also you can end about foot and a half high...the other level!

I thought about Bergenia, Astrantia, Japanese Anenome..and then repeating the pattern until the end...and then a few small pink, tulips here and there...but not so sure about that .... just up the road someone has a whole row of she does not want that....also thought about Cat Mint...but they both need cutting down and keeping tidy. 

It will get full sun most of the day. So something hardy, evergreen and a bit interesting.

Many thanks,







  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    Why not try a mix of grasses,plenty of variety in texture and colour,also hardy and low maintenance,they would also soften the area a little.

  • My immediate thought was Bergenia, Astrantia & perhaps some Heuchera?  

  • ooooh!  I love the sound of the catmint!   I've been meaning to plant some for ages.

    Is it a perrenial?  How about some wildflowers too - they're pretty resilient in

    hot weather as I've found in my wildflower garden this hot summer.  Just

    get some packets of wild flower seed mixes and sow them where you want them to grow.

  • English Lavender mixed with Rosemary would work in that situation. The latter is very easy to propagate in water.

  • are such wonderful people replying....and love your suggestions...

    I did think of Catmint at some point...and then I disregarded it....but if you all think that's great...then fantastic.

    I was a bit hung up about the difference in high of the the car park is built on a drainage and it's a natural incline...but should I just "ignore" that ?

    Thank you so much for everyone's suggestion ~ gosh so kind!




  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,844

    Just saw this thread- agree with Verdun- not the right spot for things like Heucheras and AStrantias as they like a bit more shade. If you want all year round structure, ie some evergreens, Hebes will do well there. If you combine them with a contrasting shape like Phormium you'll get something very effective and you can add some softer spires of a perennial of your choice in between to give contrast. The slope means you can plant things of the same height and it will give a nice appearance as you'll see all the plants as you drive in.  I wouldn't worry about the wall being different heights.

    As to drainage, it doesn't always follow that the top will be better drained than the bottom- mountains are just as wet at the top as they are at the foot! Water will run down the slope there, but as long as the soil is well drained where you plant into it, it won't really make a difference. Clay soil will hold water where plants are put in regardless of a slope, so if the soil is sticky clay you might want to get a bit of grit dug in there before you plant, especially when it's all been recently constructed. The ground probably needs a bit of oomph put back into it.

    Did that make sense? I know what I mean!image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Thank you Fairygirl....I'm all confused now...too many suggestions...just looked at what you and Verdun suggested the Phornium...very nice too..

    Again, many thanks!

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