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Talkback: Cats in the garden

Is that a pic of the cat that frequents your garden? Scruffy looking so and so isn't he!


  • We've had nothing but trouble from cats in our garden. They dig up our rare snowdrops, and leave unspeakable messes in their place; they chase the birds; torture the frogs and drive my mother demented. (The last bit is the worst, really.)
  • So glad you wrote about this Kate. Like you I encourage wildlife. The neighbours cats kills pretty much anything that is too slow to get out of its way. Plus our raised beds are used as a litter tray, seedlings are disturbed despite hard wire netting and bamboo poles being placed around. Apologies to the queasy but I urinate in a bucket and tip it where I know several cats enter the back garden. It seems to act as a deterrent..but difficult to quantify. Good on Chris Packham.
    Lets hear more about it, it has become a bit of a dodgy subject for fear of upsetting cat owners.
    Perhaps the electronic bleeper should be compulsory along with a cat licence.
  • I have two outside cats, and they are both kept in at night. I have no idea what they do all day but they rarely bring things near/into my home. When they do, they are alive - usually small frogs or mice, the odd bird. The cats get a good telling off, shut upstairs and victims released to fight another day.
  • and dog hater
    ever sene the mess dogs make on pavements? and although they should, the owners never clean up after their dogs.
    Cats are killers, and a bit sadistic cos they play with they're pray, but it's their instinct, how they tick.
    I think it's better to reduce powerlines into which birds and bats fly, just like wind turbines, they are killing morewildlife than anything furry.
    I keep my cats in at night, cos i couldn't sleep if they were out...and they always come home to use the litterbox and then go out again.
    i take them to lottie and they never do a business except a wee, but i don't care, it's all compost ;-)
  • I have 3 cats and after a few baby birds were brought in in the spring (I'd find them when I woke up in the morning on the kitchen floor :-( ) I decided to shut them in at night!! I love my cats but hate what they do to nature. I'd love to build a pond but feel they would have a field day!! Maybe when they are too old to care....
  • Hate cats in the garden they are forever using it as their loo & it stinks ! I have to go round picking it all up so my children can play out. The Cat who comes alot is so cheeky & fearless until it gets something thrown in its general direction!
  • I didn't think that there was anyone who had a garden not used as a litter tray by cats! Mine is better now that the neighbours have gone with their 2 cats, but even my dog fails to keep them out. PS @ catlover, I always, always clean up after my dog. I don't even let her wee on the pavement.
  • Six neighbours up one side of my garden and one on the other so lots of cat visitors. They are all well fed at home so do not seem to care for my wildlife which has lots of hiding places anyway, but come for a bit of company when their carers are out. The pub used to have two huge dogs who used to bound in over the fence and butt me. I did not like that one bit but read their names off their collars and used what I had gleaned from a dog training course on the BBC to discipline them, so I would carry on gardening with two very subdued dogs sitting obediently on the path watching me.
  • i have a cat cause my kids wanted a pet when they was younger ,so i knew few years down the line i be left with her.shes does her stuff in my garden with her bit .at least i know my cat not going to bite anyone or bark at local kids playing or waking past she might chase the birds but she has her bell to warn other shes coming i have a allotment with tys for foxs pond for wildlife as well as my crops its called sharing
  • No cats don't catch rats or even squirrels if they have any sence visous nastie things greys I am talking about. but they kill everything else in site, the endangered slowworm is so at risk seen cats mauling them to death and veering up out of nowhere to kill all sorts of birds and the terrible smell when you get their muck over your hands on your shoes and in plant pots, and cats always do it in someone elses garden never their own.
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