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Talkback: Autumn heatwave



  • I have daffodils coming up in my garden in Surrey!! Never known that before.
  • So it seems, all our gardens and plants are feeling just about as confused as we are...but interestingly the insects seem to be working to the official calendar......there is a constant stream of queen wasps coming into our house (nasty sting from one last week when I picked up an airing shirt it had decided to hibernate in!), window frames full of ladybirds and cluster flies. So what does lie ahead??
  • I have a hobby of growing Avocado Pears from seed , they make nice house plants & my current one is 3 ft high. They do take a long time to germinate, but it's fun to do.I currently have 3 on the go, small but ok, I water sparingly from the bottom of the pot as I believe they don't like to be to wet.
    I am an avid watcher of G W , but not a 'keen' gardener, but it's a great interest to watch. Continued success Les Kerr Derby
  • help could someone tell me whats going on with my veriegated acuba,i planted it two years ago,but all the bottom leaves seem as though they are dying,they are all pointing down to the ground,what am i doing wrong,id would be grateful for anyadvice thankyou
  • Sally,the only thing the spotted laurel can't stand is too much sun. Mine is thriving under my very old Bramley apple tree with no attention whatsoever and is so beautiful. If it is not too big, dig it out and plant in a shady spot and you can prune it to get rid of any ugly leafless branches as much as you like. Mine was planted in very good soil and seems to have liked that but I must say it came through our last severe winter the best of all my shrubs. Hope that helps.
  • Has anybody else got spring bulbs coming up? I've got Daffodills and Crocus.
  • even my apple tree has
    produced flowers ?? confused ?
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