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Talkback: Choosing apple tree varieties

Youare so right, Adam, about tasting the apple. Also go to a reputable grower. i asked Ken Muir who has sadly gone from us now for a Worcester Pearmain as I had tasted one once and loved it. he did not have one but suggested that if I loved the Worcester I would love this other Pearmain, which is now a huge tree and crops prolifically. Straight off the tree now the sweet juice runs down my chin and I think - that was such good advice. He also advised another Pippin instead of the Cox's Orange which he thought gave a lot of people trouble and that too is a lovely tree whose fruit is best at Xmas when thw Pearmains are over, not being good keepers. I was given a Charles Ross when a friend moved house and, even last year, was picking a perfect apple from the tree at the end of February. They all help to pollinate my Bramley which has been here since the land was the orchard of a farm and is huge and fruits its socks off. It is noe windy in Bristol so I am keeping well away as the Apples are big enough to knock you out when they fall.


  • Yes, always try and taste fruit varieties before you buy then. Someone else cannot tell you what you will like. I love going to some of the apple day festivals held each autumn. They're a great place to get varieties identified, and to try eating apples and tasting juice.
  • How near do other apple trees have to be in order to pollinate my queen cox apple tree which so far has not produced more than about 20 apples in the last 4 yrs? My neighbour's trees are about 50 feet away, is this too far for polination? I have a small Bramley about 6 - 8 ft away from the Queen Cox which apart from this year, when all the fruiting buds were killed by a late frost, usually provides a good crop.
  • Help!

    Can anyone tell me of an Apple Day Event closer than Kent. While I would love to go to Brogdale, I really don'r have the time at present. I live in Berkshire close to Bracknell so could do Hants/Berks borders; Oxon/Berks borders or Surrey/Berks borders.

    I want to get a good tasting eating apple tree planted this Autumn/Winter.
    Event dates and locations with websites if available greatly appreciated.
  • Adam I have an apple tree that I purchased from Woolworths about a year befor the closed down, haven't a clue what it is but it is wonrderful, the apple is what I would call a cooker but could be eaten raw with a piece of cheese, looks like a Bramley with some red on it, I love that little tree I hope it gives me many years of it's beautiful fruit,now about 10ft tall, planted in the ground for a couple of years now I really don't think trees are happy in pots.
  • Absolutely agree about Spartan, I also have a Greensleeves, an Egremont Russet, an Elstar and a Sunset. I'm in a dilemma about a Discovery tree which was here when we moved in. The apples don't keep, and the fruit is insipid in flavour, quickly becoming spongy and dry. The only thing it has going for it is the beautiful mass of blossom in spring, which my bees love. I'm loath to take out a healthy tree, but the fruit is such a disappointment.
  • If the trees give good apples when they do produce, try not to get uptight about duff years. They happen. My gorgeous quince had lovely blossom this year and lost it in a late frost. The damsons vary all the time. My Victoria plum was a winner as usual. Next year I hope to have my Old Greengage going. That's life.
  • Trying to find variety of very small dark plum mentioned on tonights prog. Quesh?
  • For details of Apple Day events around teh country check out:

    Ryton Gardens near Coventry have an Apple Weekend on October 15-16 too. Find out more at:
  • I had "Orleans Reinette" which had the biggest apples I have ever seen but they tasted of absolutely nothing.It didn't last in my garden. Planted new variety last winter called Hertfordshire Russet. We let it grow three apples to taste and they were the best ever. Look forward to next season
  • Storing apples. I think Monty missed a trick on GW on 7.10.11. Most people are short of storage space these days and don't have rhe room for the sort of set up M was describing. What we might have is room in a fridge and what would be really useful would be info on best varieties and methods of storing in a fridge. I am trying wrapping individually in silver foil this year. Not sure of my variety (previous owner planted). It is very acid and does not keep well after picking or falling from tree so I would be interested in your opinion.
    Many Thanks
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