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Runners on new strawberry plants

In August I replanted the runners on my old strawberry plants, and also bought six new plants to put in a new bed. They're all growing well and looking healthy -  in fact the new plants are putting out runners and forming new plantlets already. Should I allow these to grow on into new plants, or remove them?


  • I personaly would remove them so that all of the energy is being put into the plant for next years fruit

  • It is best not to let the new plants put out new runners. they need all their strength to form as big a plant as possible to produce fruit next year. What variewty are they by the way?


  • They're Honeoye, which are a fairly early variety. I guess that reinforces what you're saying. I could always pot up the runners (some are already rooted) and find space for them elsewhere, I suppose.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 16,081

    Good answer from No expert, sounds like a Strawberry expert! Don't let them grow runners until they are nearly ready to replace, then you can pot up the rooted runners. But when young they need to put their energy into growing good roots and making strawberries.

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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 10,740

    Thirded!  I find Honeoye are one of the varieties which you need to keep an eye on as far as nipping-out runners is concerned as they seem to keep producing them for most of the year.  Just had a look at my strawberry raised beds and it looks like I need to get some vine weevil predators watered in fast while the weather holds - quite a few leaves showing typical damage from adults - notches eaten out of leaf edges.. image

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  • The only exrertise I have with strawberries is in consming them especially as jam. My variety is Elsanta and they run like Paula Radcliffe, on and on and on. Constantly cutting out runners. Taking a few runners for a mate at work at the moment myself. As Busy-Lizzie says runners only when you want to replace your plants after about 3 crops or if you want to have more plants. Use 2nd or Third year plants preferrably. Let these small babies have time to settle in.

  • Many thanks, one and all. I will take out the runners immediately - well, as soon as the rain stops.

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