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Talkback: Codling moth

hello im very soory to put this on this blog...not sure where to put it,anyway
did anyone watch alan titchmarsh this afternoon? if so does any1 have an idea where the hedgehog house came from,ive tried looking on itv alan web-site no luck ive rung the show they are unsure,ive looked on line and have found loads but i would really like the 1 that was on the show....can any1 help.
thank you .


  • you can get a hedgehog house on just green. com.

    its a brilliant website with loads fo good ideas!
  • At what time in the year should we put grease bands on our fruit trees to stop this happening next year?
  • I think it is the plethora of birds in my garden that keeps the codling moth at bay. They (the birds) are pecking at the pearmains and the pippins now and will soon attack the Charles Ross when they redden up. They are not so fond of sour Bramleys. It is in the interests of the birds to keep the codling moth at bay so they can have the fruit in the autumn.
  • Every year I use Codling Moth traps, but I still get apples ravaged by these moths. The tree is too large to spray, but as I get more apples than I can cope with I am gradually pruning it to a more manageable size. Even if it means I get less fruit it may be better quality.
  • Grease bands are an impossible task, as the only year I tried it, my large boxer dog licked it all off, unfortunately licking some of the plum and apple bark making himself ill, so unless anyone has any other ideas I shall have to leave the codling moth to it...they seem to attack the plums but not the apples...does anyone have any other tricks that does not include greasing the trees?
  • my conference pears have been bored into at the tiny fruit stage. would draping a net over my one tree prevent the codling moth from laying? and if so when would i put it on?
  • I confess to not knowing about these moths but my Victoria plums had a few small maggots in this year, would this be down to the codling moth also???

  • Just to set the record straight ... Grease bands are wrapped round the stems of fruit trees in autumn to trap the wingless female winter moth as she climbs trees to mate. They do NOT prevent Codling Moth. The caterpillars of the winter moth eat leaves in spring, and can defoliate trees. They don't actually attack flowers or fruits.

    Yes, I have found codling moth to be far more prevalent this year. To reduce attack I do hang Pheromone Traps in my apple trees from May. These attract and catch the make codling moth, hopefully before he has mated. This should lead to less egg laying, and fewer maggots!
  • This was the worst yr I have know for codling & plum moths. So I have used grease bands for the first time. Another problem with these pest are that they cause the fruit to drop prematurely & when you notice them it's already far too late
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