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mystery plant -id needed

I've this rather tall plant that I can't remember planting and as it doesn't look very ornamental, I'm thinking it'smaybe something that has planted itself.

I'm afraid the photo I took isn't great. Those white things are like the wispy, feathery heads you get on dandelions (sorry for my lack of technical language!). It's about 6ft tall. Any ideas? Many thanks.




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    Looks like some kind of Michealmas Daisy (aster) Geraint, pic not that clear though.

  • Certainly looks like a Narrow-leaved Michaelmas Daisy but it could be Canadian Fleabane which is also in the Aster family. Some would call it a weed, it crops up uninvited all over the place.

  • I agree with Peter E17 that it is Canadian Fleabane (Conyza canadensis) an annual, slightly hairy, with narrow lanceolate leaves that are sometimes toothed.  The flowers are yellow disc-shaped florets with white rays borne on loose unbranched spikes.  Found usually on bare and waste places.

  • That doesn't sound good.. Why does my garden attract weeds usually found on wasteland...)-:

    Right it's coming up tomorrow. Thanks for the replies and help, it's appreciated. 

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