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I am a university student currently studying Product Design at Strathclyde University and I am starting a project into the inclusive design of gardening tools and aids. 

I was wondering if people could comment on the difficulties and annoyances they face while using current gardening tools, especially people with physical disabilities.

I would deeply appreciate any feedback that anyone could give.




  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    I'm not disabled, I just have small hands. Secateurs usually have such a wide grip that I can't hold them when the blades are open. Small ones are often of poor quality. Felco Number six are good but far too expensive for most people.

  • Hollow Tine Aerators!

    Every one on the market seems to be of the same design: where the tines are welded on to the bar at the bottom of the frame and are very easily broken off. Bearing in mind these aerators are used to eleviate compacted soil, the design should be a lot more robust.

    And why does every hire company which offers the mechanical version insist on two day minimum hire???

  • Any chance you could design:

    1. A light, well balanced, 1 handed wheelbarrow.

    2. An easy to use, 1 handed mover for pots/tubs, both empty & full.

    3. Something 1 handed to move and/or position bags of compost.

    Maybe they could all be combined?

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