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Talkback: Growing multi-headed tulips

And, if you do want to grow your tulips in pots like Adam and have squirrels in your garden or nearby, remember to put netting over the pots or they will dig them up. Tulip bulbs seem to have a smell like ambrosia for squirrels.


  • They make a spectacular show, the multi-headed tulips, I agree, Adam. I'm waiting delivery of 50 T.praestans "Van Tubergens variety" which does not have variagated leaves but should look great scattered through my plantation of grape hyacinths. It is lovely planning for the spring when most of the jobs in the garden are clearing up ones!
  • Thanks happymarion. You should be able to create a lovely display next spring with your tulips, but do try some planting combinations with other things too.
  • Yes, Adam, I have ordered 100 T. clusiana "Cynthia", not a multi-headed variety but a lovely species tulip, which I will plant among forget-me-nots. The weather this year means that the annuals that seed themselves are already well-established plants for next year so you can see where to plant, and the grape hyacinths are already eight inches or so Autumn is three weeks early because of the warm spring and it feels like it in Bristol with lots of rain and higj winds. It is Wellington boot time and working from the paths for now as I would hate to wreck the structure of my soil.
  • hi, ive looked online with t&g for multi headed tulips, but can't find them.
    could you please tell me where i can purchase them from.
  • Look on the Blom's Bulbs Tulip site, onehappygardener. Glad there is another one!
  • Virtually every mail-order bulb nursery will sell multi-headed tulips. One of my favourites with good prices is Gee Tee Bulb Company, but the varieties I mention should be available from lots of suppliers, and even garden centres.
  • I planted up a pot for spring with tulips, grape hyacinths,daffs, narcissi,and hyacinths last year ,the results were awesome
  • just ordered my indoor hyacinths so that I can pot them up and give them as presents for xmas,last year they were so good,large flowers and the perfume was intoxicating, never fail to impress,and if kept in a cool room and watered sparingly will last for ages,going to do paperwhites as well
  • I want to plant up a container for the winter and give it to a friend for xmas for by her front door,any ideas from anyone,preferably a colourful one,would a mixture of heathers be good?mixed with what,any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.thank you.
  • reading "happymarions"blog about squirrels digging up bulbs,as soon as I plant any bulbs be it in containers or in the garden the squirrels are there and within half an hour they fetch them out,are they watching me?spooky !!!!
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