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growing cucumbersin a polytunnle

hi does any one know how to grow cucumbers in a polytunnle cause i am hoping to get a 8 ft by 30 ft and love to grow cucumbers in it




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,179

    Cody, thats great. My first greenhouse was 8 x 6. I would have loved 30ft of space.

    Cucumbers, start seed on its side, one to a 3 inch pot, with heat (windowsill)  in late April. When it has 3 of 4 true leaves, plant in centre of a 12 inch pot  on a mound.

     Try not to get the stem wet, it induces rot.

     I use the buckets that florist have flowers deliverd in.  Drill lots of holes for drainage in the bottom.  I fill the buckets with mutlipurpose compost and plant the cucumber in the centre on a little mound. Then train the plant up a string hanging fron the roof.

    Use a F1 hybrid all female cucumber,  such as Pepinex. That way there will be no male flowers to take off. fertilised cucumbers taste bitter.

     Cucumbers like it quite steamy and humid, so you could partition one end off with some polythene sheets and keep the humidity up. This also deters red spider mite.

     Tomatoes like  a dryer atmosphere, so keep them at the door end, with plenty of ventilation.  Good luck.

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    I'd be wary of too much humidity with cukes. It creates a climate ripe for mildew.

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