Dahlias - do they all have tubers?

I bought three dahlias of the "Happy Days" series from B&Q in June as space fillers and they have been fantastic, growing to over 2' with masses of blooms. They still have lots of buds, but I need to dig them up to plant bulbs. The first plant has been removed and transferred to a pot, but it didn't have tubers, only roots.  Is this a new annual form?



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    This one didn't get answered while the forum was sick but I know nothing about dahlias

  • Well Verdun, hopefully someone will be along shortly to answer that question!  image

  • I have been told by a supplier some done by cuttings in the spring may not develop tubers and have been bred to concentrate growth more into flowering. Not sure if this is correct though? I wonder whether the use of growth retardant could affect tubeer production? The ones we had to try have produced tubers though

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    What about Begonias? 

    Do these form Corms too from those bedding plants that you buy? ( I bought the Illumination variety)

    If no-one knows I guess I'll find out come November :P

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    Illumination begonias are tuberous, they will die down to a large corm, which can be saved in a frostfree place and then regrown next year.

    There are fibrous rooted(semperflorens) begonias used in bedding displays (small flowers), which will not form a tuber or corm.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    Thanks fidgetbones image

    This will save me some money for next year image

    I don't like those bedding begonias anyway!

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    Dahlias grown from seed or cuttings do eventually grow tubers.

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