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Autumn sown onions

I sowed overwiintering onions in September as advised, but when do I transplant them? All are doing well, healthy little seedlings, but they haven't got their third leaf yet. I'm worried about the approaching frosts, mid October is our average first frost. 

They seem very little to survive cold temperatures, should I cover them? The trouble with seeds is that you get so many, I sowed a pack of white, (Shonomaki yellow?) and one of red (kamal?), I must have 3-400 seedlings!

Thanks Lottie



  • Hi Lottie,

    Frosts mid Oct and all those seedlings, you didnt say wether they were already in their final growing position or in a seed bed & spacings? Personally & to my knowledge of my neighbours allotments only put sets in because of the colder area we live in here in the North East & they have a far better chance of them getting through the Winter espacally if it is a bad one.

    All I can suggest is leave the strongest and thin out to 4" apart and cover in fleece, it they are very close together try transplanting and covering with a closh to protect them & encourage some more growth of whats left of our warm sunshine.

    Happy gardening

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