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Talkback: Autumn-fruiting raspberries

They may not need staking, nor the birds eat the fruit but they don't half spread everywhere.


  • I've never seen such a crop of raspberries as they have at Barrington Court - the golden ones. Golden they certainly are and very big and they taste delicious. They do get out of control very easily as you can see in Perthshire where they grow in the hedgerows like blackberries, having escaped from the fields. but they are easier to dig out than brambles and not so prickly.
  • My single raspberry plant has also been cropping heavily. I had a mild burst in June, then the plant grew a whole new branch/stem/cane (not sure how you refer to it)which has since flowered and starting fruiting much more heavily than before - delicious on my morning porridge. Although I can see that this plant might take over the garden soon - smaller plants have just started popping up all over the place.
  • I grow my autumn fruiting raspberries in front of a native hedge. The grass in front of them is mown, which cuts off any suckers tempted to creep outwards into the grass, but otherwise, if they spread laterally, so much the better - plants for free!
    I forgot to cut them down last winter, and as a result had a good crop in June on last years stems. I wondered if that would be it, but they are starting to crop again now, so I think for the future I will cut back half of them hard in the winter, and leave the rest - alternating which ones get cut each year. It seems to me that I will then get an almost continuous supply of raspberries through the summer and autumn.
  • I've tried lots of autumn fruiters - Autumn Bliss and Heritage are now the most persistant weeds in my organic garden and a real nuisance. Am forever digging them up! Tried Brice last year - wonderful flavour and great spring crop this year. Planted Joan J this year and I think that has the best flavour of all - Tried Polka a couple of years ago and it definitely wasn't as good a taste. Don't worry bpeek you've probably just been a bit too nice to them as they're making lots of strong new growth. They will fruit very soon - there's probably flower buds there already if you look, then leave the same canes to fruit next spring and cut down afterwards to let the new green ones have space to develop.
  • I have two canes of Autumn Bliss we had a few fruits last year this year they have gone mad have been picking since the end of July and still lots to go and yes they shoot all over the place.
  • To bpeek,I planted raspberries a few years ago,didnt cut them back for a couple of years,because I didnt know I was supposed to.prhaps you cut them back too soon ,dont know as I am a trial and error gardener.
    When I fidst planted blackcurrants ,I cut them back the first year I had them,I had no currans the year after. I was told by ana old man that I should not have cut tham back their first year. I dont know if this applies to raspberries as well.I am now more cautious when cutting things back. Dont know if this helps at all.Good Luck for next year
  • Occasionally you do get a 'dud' year with any plant, particularly one which is newly planted, so don't panic as it sounds as if they are certainly healthy! Sorry you were disappointed but I am sure 2012 will produce results.

    And as for invasiveness, I've known plant more invasive than raspberries, yes they do sucker....but are very easy to hoe or mow off, and I too love the 'for free' side of it in places I can do with them!
  • I have lots of figs on my Brown Turkey Fig plant. Some are small, well most of them are small. Do I pick them all off for the health of the plant or leave them until next year?
    Doubt if any can be eaten.
    Many thanks in advance.
  • When is the best time to dig up the raspberry runners for transplant to another area ? Can it be done now, and do the new canes have to be a certain size before transplanting ?
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