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Talkback: Gardening holidays

Sounds idyllic, Adam, except I get seasick even in harbour! But you have reminded me to go and sniff the Eucryphia at the Botanic Garden. It is a delight at this time of year and the blossom smells lovely. I am busy making a fernery in dry shade (under a eucalyptus tree) and so am looking in all the shady areas in the gardens I visit for inspiration. So far I have learned that foxgloves, yellow poppies, bluebells, Heuchera "Lime Marmalade", and many ferns are suitable. Research for your garden once you know it well is so satisfying.


  • What a wonderful gardening holiday, and visit to meet Beth Chatto. I love visiting gardens, and going on a holiday like this would be just right for me.

    I've never visited any of these gardens, so you've certainly wet my appetite.
  • Sounds fantastic i'm just back from Casa Ferrobo it was so relaxing and the gardens surrounding were beautiful.
  • I have a Clematis Armandii Appleblossom, three years old. It is growing beautifully and flowered well last spring but seems to be slowly dying from the bottom. Leaves are dark brown but new ones at the other end. Is it dying or does it do this? Help please as would hate to loose it.
  • As one of that lucky 300 on the Cruuise with the GW team, I have to say that my wife , Marion, and I really enjoyed it, perhaps better than other cruises we have taken. I endorse Adam's views on Mount Usher, Beth Chattos Garden and the Castle of Mey, and would like to add the visit (not under the aegis of GW) to "Jenny's Garden" at La Petite Vallee on Guernsey. I know that all of you are regular people (with the possible exception of William Lobb(!)for all your renown, but it was great to be able to chat with you all at different times and places. I do not usually go on cruises to be anything other than entertained and visit other countries, but this one proved that education is also entertaining.
  • Adam just think if you got a pint for evry one yuo met that wood be sumthing
  • I visited Beth Chatto's garden several years ago, and found it really inspiring. Anyone living in a dry area, or with very dry soil, will certainly find plants here that will flourish.
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