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Talkback: Grasshoppers, butterflies and wolf spiders

lovely that you had so many types of bugs bee's and butterflies, the wolf spider sounds quiet exciting to, when I first came to live in this house37 years ago, there were masses of creepy crawlies grasshoppers were hopping everywhere but over the years they have completly disapeared and it's rare to site a butterfly unless it's a cabbage white, had lizards and frogs also a rare site now, I feel that when they built the M25 it was the death nell of all these creatures.


  • sorry I spelt sight wrong now corrected.
  • A very nice report of a lovely place by the sounds of it. I also have a good assortment of creepy crawlies and this year the 'wildlife' landscaping which we did last year has seemed to be very successful in attracting them! The new wildlife meadow has also been the source of many new insects and butterflies to our garden. Although not as exciting or exotic as your findings we can all still have a good variety of 'life' in our own plots!

  • In my front room, as night approaches, some of the spiders scurrying around would be strong competition in the size competition! xx
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