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It'll soon be Christmas...

This was going to be the year I grew spuds for Christmas...planted them in ample time to grow and, they were looking good 3 weeks disappointed... went on my golllies, left instructions to water the spud bags but friend thought they were late spring planted one's and when they started  to wilt didn't water them, I've tried to bring them back to life but they are beyond savingimage

What could I sayimage, she was so pleased there was a late spring bag of spuds to pickimage... and on a positive note the cat was well fedimage

Are other posters growing vegs for Christmas. How well are they growing? I'm thinking of throwing in the towel with spuds, this has to be the 3rd or 4th yr trying,  me thinks I was never meant to grow them image.


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    If the cat's well fed at least you don't need a turkey.  Sorry Zoomer I just couldn't help myself from saying that image

    May puskins live long and prosper..think the forum Gremlins have got to my brain.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,212

    O, Kef, said cat is in the winter of her years and has served well over timeimage.

    Me expected her to go to the GC in the sky whilst I was on my gollies.

    When the back door is opened each morning, she looks out now and then returns to her bed. The vet tells me she is just old but healthy.

  • Blimey, anything happy here tonight? I'm sure the cat will live much longer than you expect, they usually do, being sensible creatures and knowing when to slow down a bit!

    Simple answer to spuds and cat is-don't be going on your jollies! And make sure your plant/cat-sitter knows exectly who to feed aand water if you do go! (sorry!)

    I planted a few spuds from back of cupboard 2 wks ago, cos I always forget to order them in time for xmas. Nothing lost, I thought, they'd only go on cmpost otherwise.  So put em in my neighbours bath that was just removed, and, hey presto, they've over taken the pumpkins and looking good.  If I only get teeny baby ones, I'll be happy, as that's what I like best.  Standing by with homemade polytunnel and fleece to cover if neccessary and straw to insulate sides of bath. (It'll lokk better that way as it is bright turquoise. an eyesore, but so useful when all the beds are full!) Am thinking on building a casing around to hide it, and insulating with loft insulation as I have a spare half bag, and was so easy to make a tunnel to fit.  Could that help, do you think?  Also did some in bags so can move to greenhouse. Will let you know how I get on!

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    Clearly my talk of spuds for Christmas fell on deaf ears, won't be talking gardening to said friend for a while for fear of sending her to sleep image shouldn't complain, it's good of her to water and feed the cat each time I'm awayimage.

    Nice neighbour asked what was wrong with the cat this evening and said she'd had a chat to her children, they won't be spraying her with their water pistols anymore if she goes into their garden, I bought them water pistols when they moved in, a few years agoimage, acknowledging it's not nice to have cats pooing in your garden especially when they belong to someone else.image She eventually learned not to go in next door and sits at the gap in the fence, bless her little cotton socksimage.

    Good luck with your Christmas spuds...

  • I'll let you know if it was worth the effort, if I get some!image

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