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  • No, poppy, they aren't great-tits which are regular visitors here as well and as you say are larger.
    Any other suggestions?
  • Hi kathryn/brock. I can't get Papaver rhoeas to go either whereas Papaver rupifragum germinates everywhere and so does Papaver 'Pink Chiffon' - try that if you can get hold of some seed.
    Funny why some go and some don't. Perhaps they have their own!
  • what about coal-tits......Barnwellbrian could you give more description ie colour of feathers.....
    i have looked in my bird book...
    long-tailed tit...
    failing that.. cant help..
  • I noticed a few years ago that starlings were pulling off the seed heads of annual poppies - I watched them doing it. I sometimes helped by breaking off the heads & left them on the grass & they always disappeared.
    I haven't noticed this at all this year - & have very rarely seen any starlings.
    Earlier this year I had a delightful, close view from my sitting room window as great tits came to my red hot pokers for the nectar(?) in them.
    My most common visitors are goldfinches which love sunflower hearts from the feeders but actually took some teasel plant seeds while the feeders were moved from next to them.
    Incidentally, they opt for the sunflower hearts rather than the niger seeds which hang with them. I've read that the niger seeds are their favourites but this doesn't seem to be the case here.
  • Evening primrose - it takes patience and a calm attitude to get the small birds to eat from your hand. My late father was known as the "Birdman of Alloa". He would fill his pocket with treats for the birds before he went to do his shopping (crusts from his breakfast toast were crushed up and saved) and, on his way home the birds would be lined up on the wall that separated his road from the main road and alight on his shoulders and arms and feed from his hands. His timing was immaculate as he would not want to disappoint his "friends". This went on for many years as he lived to be ninety one.
  • hello happymarion,so me thinking ive been trying for about 9months or so...really i need to keep trying for years.....'gulp'
    well i will keep at it.....
  • Evening primrose - if you don't like touching live meal worms, have you tried wearing gloves? They also save your hand from some very sharp beaks!
  • do I cut back all the black poppy leaves, they look very unattractive?
  • Sallis: Yes, if you want.

    Steve: Chuck Poppy seed on prepared ground and you should be fine. Do not grow in pots as they will not thrive. Oriental poppies can be propagated from root cuttings.
  • I need to know if I pick my poppy pods while they are still green and hang them to dry ,will the seeds be viable ?? This is my first year growing poppies and I absolutely love them. I am concerned they will not self sow in zone 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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