Keeping Cosmos Flowering for Wedding

Hi, I have a garden full of Cosmos, Asters and Dahlias which are just coming into full bloom now which I am trying to keep in bloom until my wedding on 26th October. I keep cutting the flowers off as soon as the buds start opening (my house looks lovely right now!) but I wondered if anyone had any advice on whether I should cut back, is 4 weeks enough for good growth this time of year? I should I just keep as I am and cutting the flowers off? I would also like some advice on how many weeks/days I should stop cutting before to get as many blooms as possible. Here is hoping we dont get a major frost!! Many thanks, Helen x


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    Keep cutting the flowers off, give a feed with tomato fertiliser or miracle grow or phostrogen, and pray there are no frosts.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • If you leave too short a time between deadheading and wedding you can't speed things up. If you leave too much time you may reduce the flower power below the maximum potential but you will have flowers, frost permitting. You only have one chance at getting this right and you can only play the odds. What if you think you leave enough time for flowering and then we have a cool period. No frosts but not enough warmth. Solution? With not much more than 4/5 weeks to go I would now start to let them flower, and deadhead those that do. The risk of holding them back deliberately for much longer is little or no flower on your special day. If, on the other hand , we have good/reasonable weather from now on, they will reward you handsomely. 

    Don't worry, go with the flowers... everyone will love your gardenimage 

  • Helen, are you wanting to use them as cut flowers for your wedding or the reception, rather than just to make your garden look floriferous?

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    I am amazed that your Cosmos are only just coming into flower. Mine sown in early March have been in flower since early June and are still full of blossom. I presume they were sown or bought much later.

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    Our cosmos was a "gift" from the birds. A beautiful and unknown item until they began to flower about 2 weeks ago. Beautiful and delicate yellow and so charmingly well positioned next to one of our roses - a deep red velvety specimen. 

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