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Talkback: Leaf scorch

My most useful piece of equipment in my conservatory is a pile of plastic trays which hold an inch or two of water so I can water all my plants from below and avoid leaf scorch.


  • Hmmm.
    Thought that had been mostly debunked, Pippa, and recently too? That the sun only magnifies if the plants are hairy and not smooth? That most water evaporates before it can cause harm?
  • Ihave put my rubber plant outside from the conservatory. Some leaves are showing brown patchy marks very similar to scorch marks. Otherwise the plant loves to come out for 3 summer months or more,anyone else do this?
  • Yes, Lady Linda, I give my conservatory plants a summer vacation in the garden and this gives me a chance to thoroughly clean the conservatory, glass, floor, shelves, and get rid of any spiders that have set up home there. They get put out into the garden too. There is a little wind damage on the beautiful mimosa like leaves of my Persian Silk Tree (Albitzia jubillissima) but nothing that looks like scorch marks on anything.
  • I do the same as happymarion, I water all my plants from below and have some standing in trays in the greenhouse. I do damp down the greenhouse in the early morning which seems to help. I don't seem to have many birds at the moment in the garden, have they all gone on holiday? Does anyone know why? I haven't changed anything and I've still got feeders out and fresh water.
  • I'm not sure if this is connected, but all the blackcurrant bushes on my and my Dad's allotment have got white marks all over them this year, and the new growth breaks off very easily. Scorch? Or mildew? They didn't fruit, either. So much seems to have gone wrong this year - it's quite disheartening!
  • There are other reasons for what looks like sunburn, it is the little white maggot that eats between the leaf layers,if you pick off a piece of yellow leaf and hold it up to the light you can see the little blighter in there, there was a cure which was systemic spray which is no longer available.
  • We have some scorch damage but we have had a lot of damage to fruit due to the three hail storms we experienced in July. Plums, apples and pears are all pitted, however the raspberries ans black current seemed to have survived well. All of our Acers have suffered wind burn or wind scorch !
  • my rasberry is just flowering now and my blackcurrant only hand a hand ful of berrys on they are only 2yrs old thou but i suppose they can only do better next year my mange tout did well but they never made it to the pot there lovely raw my grape vine has about three bunches on now cant wait to taste and my potoes have done really well this year more water bigger spuds all my swede did well except one it started growing up the stem so instead of a big round root i had a tall one not sure what i did or failed to do oh strawberrys are growing again for 2nd crop lovely
  • I have suffered with scorching after watering this year, so I am investing in a Drip Irrigation system from and it is great!!!!! They do loads of stuff, well worth checking out, especially if you have a water meter!
  • Does anyone have an effective way to control weeds amongst asparagus ?
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