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When can I plant out strawberries?

Have tried to grow 3 strawberry plants in a growbag this summer. One died almost immediately, and though the other 2 are still very much alive, I have had only 2 strawberries off them. I am reassured this is normal for the first year and that next year will be better. They have sent out lots of runners and I have layered about 12 plantlets into small pots. They look good and leafy. I would like to plant them into a bed, but not sure if now is the right time to do it. Should I keep them in the pots over winter (in a little plastic 'greenhouse', don't have a proper one) or would it be safe to plant them out now, and use some insulating wrap to protect them from frost? Any ideas or recommendations would be very helpful.


  • I left my runners out last year, in little plastic pots on a raised pallet round the back of the garage and they were fine.  No expert but it may depend on the type of plant you have, so I would wait for another post from someone a little more experienced.  


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