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Talkback: Strasbourg

And yet cities seem to offer more nectar and pollen for the bees and butterflies, or so researchers at Bristol university are hoping to prove. Perhaps the fields outside Strasbourg have a wider variation of food plants than our vast sheets of oil-seed rape. But it does sound very beautiful, Richard, and well done on finding the ducks. We were thrilled when a pair of mallards came to feed in our man-made lake at the Botanic garden.


  • Gracious, Richard, are we the only bloggers interested in going international?
  • I felt I was back in Kenya the other day when twigs with eucalyptus berries on kept dropping on my head as I was weeding in my fernery under my huge tree. It was a squirrel playing in the branches just like the monkeys used to do in Nairobi. The geckos up the walls in the foyers of hotels used to delight my children.
  • has anybody had problem with there busy lizzies,mine have died of already or they are very thin and small a very poor season,and i have used levington compost,any ideas?.
  • I too have rubbishy Bizzy Lizzies this year...
  • Two of my friends have complained about their plants not thriving in Levington compost so there may have been a rogue batch as they have never had trouble before. I have no Busy Lizzies this year so cannot guess whether it is the compost or the seed or the time they were put out. Remember we had a very early spring which brought on tender plants and the a cool summer which checked them so it could e the weather to blame.
  • Sorry about the missing letters - I must get new batteries for my keyboard.
  • I've had some interesting moments looking for wildlife in parts foreign. In the Czech Republic I followed black redstarts into a quiet back street courtyard only to have a gate locked behind me (oops!) and on Lake Garda I wandered away from a group shopping in a very busy market and sat down with the waterfowl for half an hour.

    I try to learn 'I'm a birdwatcher' in whatever the native language is but you get some very strange looks being so fascinated in what many people consider everyday creatures. Holiday resort geckos can get a man into all sorts of trouble when they run up a wall beside someone's balcony..
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