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Talkback: Cherries, plums and gages

My dual plum tree was laden with fruit but only the yellow ones. The purple part had blossom but it comes before the yellow and seems to have caught the frost. Still the yellow ones were delicious, more lie apricots really. My large purple plums have all been picked and are sweet and juicy and there is a good crop on the very old plum trees which get great bunches of smaller plums which are good for freezing for the winter. This week I am finishing (with ice-cream) the last box from last year. Bristol seems to suit stone fruits well as we have lots of wild cherries and plums around in the hedgerows. And they seem to be ready to eat before the wasps discover them. No trouble with deer or rabbits though. You will have to pick every morning early, Pippa, to get a decent crop.


  • Oh to have trees laden with fruit! A great year for raspberries, blueberries and strawberries but any ideas greatly received on why my apple tree isn't flowering or fruiting? Perhaps I should swap it for a plumb tree? I moved in 2 years ago and heavily pruned (probably too much) so no flowers in my first year. This year 2 sorry looking bunches of blossom appeared, but alas no fruit came of it. Any top tips?
  • I pruned my apple tree twice yearly for about 3 years, winter and summer, before it fruited. Hope that helps, Dan. All the best.
  • I'm always interested to see which CDs and DVDs get relegated to scarecrow duty. Self-help seem to be the most common on our allotments.
  • Grannyanne - that gives me hope. Thank you.
  • I have a 3-year-old Victoria plum which gave us 2 plums this year, the first time it has produced anything. The tree looks as though it's dying. The leaves are yellow and brown and shrivelled.Next to it is an apple tree and a pear tree, also 3-year-olds which have given us a few fruits each. Any suggestions please?
  • I have pear tree and apple tree in a large pot. Bought them three years ago, they have been a real flop hardly any fruit, blossomed twice. This year just leaves no blossoms. Can someone help please?
  • My three year old cherry tree gave us quite a few cherrys this year but the raspberry have gone mad this year we have had loads and there are still lots of flowers on them so still lots to come and they are only three years old, i dont know if they last for years or only a few.
  • the best way to care for your plants is alway keep in a cool place and water one time a day the only way to keep your plants alive in hot wheather keep plants inside until wheather gets cooler then you can set them back out side keep in mind your plants are living to .
  • I have two plum trees which I inherited when I bought my house five years ago. For the second year running they are laden with beautiful and sweet plums, however, I do not have a clue what type they are, very small fruits changing from green to yellow and red becoming more red as they ripen. Any ideas how I could identify the trees anyone? Meanwhile I continue to make plum jam, sauce and chutney ! !
  • For the second year in a row we have had a bumper crop of plums so I have been taking carrier bags around to neighbours and giving away to friends,as it would be a shame to let them fall and rot, they really appreciate them which is nice.
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