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very useful info - thanx


  • I have been informed that once I have had this tomato infection I cannot grow tomatoes for seven years, is this true?
  • didnt find an answer to the question as to whether the tomato blight area of last year has to wait 7 years before being planted again
  • On Friday's Gardeners World, Joe Swift talked to a fellow allotment holder who sprayed his tomatoes against blight with potassium sulphate and lime. No more details - can anyone enlighten PLEASE? Lost all mine overnight!
  • regarding tomato blight, I have just lost all mine this week for the third year in a row. First two years in the greenhouse, this year outside. Perhaps the seven year rule is correct. Any ideas? Have taken the usual precautions with cleanliness etc.
  • I grow my tomtoes in deep pots, as yet I haven't had tomato blight I think useing fresh soil and not growing them near potato's helps, my friends had blight last year and again this year they are on an allotment so maybe it is easier to manage in the garden.
  • I'd like to know if I can dispose of plants with tomato blight in our green bin which is collected by the council for composting. If I can't how do I dispose of them as I'm unable to have a bonfire to burn them?
  • 3rd year in a row, and I have blight on my toms again... just as the fruit were starting too appear as well.

    Not a happy bunny at all.
  • I was unsatisfied with the lack of answers here, worried that the blight in my tomatoes might spread to my nearby spuds and unsure what to do with the once beautiful plants I have pulled up....

    I found this - think it covers just about all the issues raised:

    Hopefully next year I might a few more tomatoes!!

    Good Luck everyone!
  • TCAMTCAM Posts: 3
    Now I know what happened to the beautiful crop of tomatoes my wife planted in our vegetable patch. Blight! My wife is Thai and usually is successful with most vegetables planted. Not this time! Thanks for the comments and web site. We will certainly be more careful next year. Good feature.
  • i also have pulled up most of my plants in the greenhouse having lost the ones i put in the garden some weeks ago. this is the 1st year i've had blight so devistated! i had scrubbed the greenhouse with jeyes, dug out old soil & replaced with some lush old compost i had saved from my heap, it should have been a fab crop,(sob). was it something i did or just my turn??

    dissapointed to not get some responses from the experts.
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