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Talkback: Gardening for bats

the other night i was out in my back garden talking over the fence to my neighbour,and there was about 2 or 3 flying over our heads,they were that low we could see through there wings and even witnessed 1 of them catching a moth in its mouth,really brill to stand and watch.
they were very tiny....i do have 2 bat boxes up but unsure if they have nested in them.


  • We are lucky, one of our neighbors has a couple of conifers (taller than the house) and bats have roosted there as long as I have lived here (11 years). Our lounge is at the back of the house so we get a daily display from the comfort of my sofa. It is great to watch them flying over my pond and garden.
  • Saw some fabulous bats on holiday last week in Jersey, at Gerald Durrell's wildlife park. They were Livingstone's fuit bats. What struck me was how incredibly beautiful they were.
  • Can anyone tell me if it is passable to propagate Flocks
  • happy1,answer to your request yes you can propagate flocks,
    all you need is a bit of this a bit of that and a nice hot day,,,
    hay presto..................muhahahaha
  • I saw my first bat ever tonight, strangely just before I read this blog. It seemed to be flying around over three back gardens, ours included. It was fascinating to watch. It seemed to be following the same path over and over again.
    I remember my dad saying years ago, that when he was walking the dog one night, a bat flew straight into his forehead. The bat's radar obviously wasn't working properly! They were both stunned, but both were ok!
  • Interesting to know that we have a "bat friendly" garden. We knew that the bats from the local woods flew past but delighted to know that the honeysuckle and other plants we have in our garden are supplying the insect live required to sustain their dietry needs!
  • When I have been in the garden in the evening I have seen bats flying about. I don't know where they are roosting but I know its not in my roof. I don't use pesticides to kill the bugs I just let nature take care of it and it works just fine, so I hope the bats like my garden, would love to see one close up though.
  • I'm very lucky as my little cottage is home to a family of bats also i have 3 bat boxes around my garden and all have bats in them.
    A few weeks ago i had a very injured bat in my back garden,took it to the vets but she put it down,i have no idea how it was attacked but it had been pulled to pieces[sorry if that offends anyone],maybe a cat had attacked it.
    My husbands hobbie is taking photos of them at dust and we have some lovely shots,one in particular has a large moth in its mouth also we are now trying to find out what sort of moth it was,we back onto woods with large oaks in it so if anyone has an idea please reply..
    We are also interested in there diet so your blog has helped us a lot.
  • In my wildlife garden frequented by butterflies and moths it is not surprising that, when my compost heaps and green wheelie bin are full and I resort to a bonfire of brambles, my companions are bats in the evening. I cherish them as they eat some moths that can be pests in the garden.
    Evening primrose, your moth is likely to be an Oak Beauty (Biston stratiatia) whose larva feeds on oak.
  • We have bats flying around some small and some large. Each evening they fly past my bed room window and you can hear them squeak. I will now have to find out where they come from. Glad I didnot go mad tiding my garden. Love the idea that I am helping nature.
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